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Have you been injured at work, on the job? 
Do you have an LNI workers’ compensation claim? 
Have you been asked to do an IME (Independent Medical Exam)? 

It's a good idea to get some coaching before you go. Anything you say during an IME may
be used against you at a later date. 

If you've been ordered to an IME by your employer or Labor and Industries, it usually means
they think you have a claim they can get out of. 

Most IME doctors are retired or military and earn extra income by denying claims; their 
main job is to overrule your doctor's opinion. 

If you get denied by an IME exam, DON’T GIVE UP! That's exactly what they want. Protest it 
right away and get some legal advice. Don't let them get away with it. Call myself, or a 
lawyer who is a member of the Washington State Association of Justice and specializes in 
workers’ compensation cases, because they will know best how your case should be handled. 
We truly care and will be on your side.